September 07, 2005

iPod nano: gotta love it (no, u really do)

So today is a very big day for iPod and Apple fans. Steve Jobs announced today that a new version of iTunes has been released, the new iTunes phone is now available from Cingular, and the iPod mini has been replaced by a completely new iPod called the iPod nano. The first two announcements were slightly interesting to me, but really I am most excited about the iPod nano. This new 'pod is by far the coolest yet. It is "impossibly small" and is one of the slickest looking mp3 players I have ever seen. I want it, I don't need it, but man do I want it. I just want to hold it and play with it's just so damn cute! I love it, I am completely in love with it.

As for the iTunes phone, I say 'meh'. It's a nice idea and all, but it is most definitely not the best music phone out there and it doesn't even have the signature apple/ipod styling that makes you overlook all of a product's shortcomings. It bores me, plus I don't even subscribe to Cingular, so all-in-all I could care less 'bout this new phone. However if you want to see one hell of a mp3 cell phone then check out the Sony Ericsson W800i walkman phone. OMG, it is the ultimate phone. Combine mp3 functionality with a 2 mega-pixel camera and great built-in software and you have one of the coolest phones I have ever seen. Plus it's orange, which makes it all that much cooler and it has upgradeable flash memory. If only motorola could have put something like this together, then they might actually have a killer product in their hands. But for now I will continue to mumble 'meh' every time I read about the new iTunes Phone.

And yeah, there is a new iTunes client and all, and yeah its pretty cool, but nothing really to write home about, but still a worthy upgrade.

I just have to say though, again, that iPod nano is AMAZING! I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it. Thank you and good night, or good day, whichever is more appropriate.

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