April 30, 2009

I'm glad it's not like this anymore!


Here's a unique opportunity for us to take a look back, way back to the early 20th century.  When feminism, gender equality, and freedom of expression were just funny sounding words and phrases.

"I'm Glad I'm a Boy! I'm Glad I'm a Girl!" Read the book.

Fever Ray - My Newest Album [DJ RWK]


It isn't often that I actually purchase music.  In fact it's almost never.  But today I went against all statistical probability and spent money to download/purchase an entire album.

I came across a music video by Fever Ray while browsing a friend's blog. I really enjoyed the clip and the song, which led me to HypeM to look up more tracks.  I realized that Fever Ray is a solo project by the singer from The Knife (a favorite band of mine).  That intrigued me so I went to Amazon to listen to 30-second clips of the album and read the reviews.  One convincing review of praise later I found myself clicking the buy button, and now I'm here encouraging you to do the same.

I'm not much of a music reviewer so instead I'm going to give little sample of Fever Ray so that you can listen, watch, and judge for yourself.  If you are already a fan of The Knife then this should be an easy decision for you.  Fever Ray is an album that really begs to be listened to on repeat.  And if the spirit so moves you, I recommend getting up on your feet and moving side-to-side a bit.  I mean, it is dance music, technically.




What are you listening to? [email protected]

April 29, 2009

Free Insomnia Cookies! [one night only]


This just arrived to my inbox :D

There is not a better incentive to order warm delicious cookies then getting SIX FREE with your order! Use coupon code FREESIX at checkout and enjoy!*

Insomnia Cookies
Baked Right. Late Night.

*cannot be combined with any other offer. Standard size cookies only.

Alright kids, go at it!



Yesterday my amazing friend, Jerry Lopez, worked his magic and turned my curly, might-as-well-be-black Lebanese hair totally bleach blonde.  It was hours of scalp-melting and headache-inducing chemicals, but it was totally worth it.


My inspiration was this guy from The Sartorialist...

sartorialist, scarf homme milan

...and of course her...

April 26, 2009

Another Look: On a boat


On a boat 4/26/09

MODEL: Jordan Jubela

  • Ray-ban sunglasses w/ reflective lenses
  • Burberry purple plaid button-up (Nordstroms)
  • Rugby RL hooded wool blazer (Rugby)
  • Idol Radec crop pants (Inven.tory)
  • Express leather belt (Express)
  • Vintage saddle shoes (Inven.tory)

sparkin'-up 4/26/09 drive-by 4/26/09

MODELS: J. Jubela & V. Libasci

We were on a boat.

April 24, 2009

Flora by Gucci - I Feel Love


Check out this amazing new commercial for the Gucci fragrance "Flora".

It's directed by Chris Cunningham and the song is Chris' own reworking of the Donna Summers classic "I Feel Love".  For more info about the ad check out Dazed Digital's writeup.

I'm currently on a hunt for an mp3 of Chris' amazing re-imagination of the 70s disco classic.  When I find it I will be sure to pass it along to y'all.  In the meantime here is the original version for those of you who do not know it's amazingness:

"I Feel Love" by Donna Summers

Also check out these remixes on HypeM:

April 18, 2009

DJ RWK: This weeks best tracks


Let's get straight to the music:

Daft Punk - "Harder Better Faster Stronger" (Fendbrothers Remix 2009)


Hall & Oates - "I Can't Go For That" (Streetlab mix)


Air - "Run"


A Camp - "Stronger Than Jesus"


Polly Scattergood - "Please Don't Touch" (The Golden Filter Dub)


Lady Sovereign - "Jigsaw"


Most of these tracks came from HypeM, but some of them not.  Enjoy.

What tracks do you love? [email protected]

April 17, 2009

Another Look: A Tale about a Stroll


The Bowery & Me:


MODEL: Jordan Jubela

  • Kangol "undulating herringbone deeto" hat (Liverpool in MX)
  • Ray-Ban reflective lens sunglasses (SD)
  • Surf Ride store-brand deep-v T w/ sunglasses print (Surf Ride in SD)
  • Idol Radec navy crop pant (Inven.tory in NYC)
  • Hand-made leather messenger bag (Cervantino festival in MX)
  • Vintage brown saddle shoes (Inven.tory in NYC)

I didn't have much to do today and given the amazing weather I decided to take a stroll with my camera in hand.  I started in Washington Square and wandered down the Bowery - stopped a bit to read & have a cappuccino - then continued on to Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribeca, S. Broadways, W. Broadway, and all the way up 7th ave to home.  It was a most marvelous day.

All the photos in the collage are mine and were taken today during my stroll.  Larger versions of each one are on my flickr.

What did you do today? [email protected]

April 16, 2009

Another Look: We wish for spring

Spring, skinny, & long:


MODEL: Jordan Jubela

  • Ray-Ban sunglasses w/ reflective lenses (Sunglass Hut exclusive in SD)
  • Nike 3-color windbreaker (found in UO, SD)
  • American Apparel extra-long baseball shirt/nightie (NYC)
  • Cheap Monday black stretch skinny jeans (Inven.tory, NYC)
  • Converse tweed b&w oxfords (Zappos.com)

Spring keeps teasing us with this weather but today I decided to risk it with just a T and a windbreaker.  Yet when the sun goes down I'm going to have to find myself another layer.  I dream of the days when I won't have to do that anymore.

What did you wear today? [email protected], and with your permission you might just see yourself up here too

PS: I contend that everyone needs an extra-long baseball T. Just sayin'

April 12, 2009

Another Look: Sunday in Soho

On a sunny Easter Sunday:

Easter Sunday in Soho 4/11/09

MODEL: Jordan Jubela

  • American Apparel Deep-V sleeveless T (found at a street fair in NYC)
  • H&M sleeveless zip-up hoodie (found in Spain)
  • RL Rugby Wool hooded Blazer (found on University Place, NYC)
  • Mar Co Operative grey skinny jeans (found in U.O., NYC)
  • Vans blue & white lace-up deck shoes (found in SD, CA)
  • Mayan Calendar Bday necklace (found in MX)
  • hand-knit grey beanie (gift from a friend)

A gorgeous day for a stroll through Soho w/ a beautiful boy :)

April 10, 2009

Another Look: my personal style journal


I've had this idea for awhile to post up pics of what I wear everyday and today I've finally gotten around to it.  The idea is that I will be doing this regularly...we'll see how that goes.

Today's look:

Another Look 4/10/09

MODEL: Jordan Jubela

  • green jacket from Zara (found in Mexico)
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band T-shirt (found in Blue Note gift shop)
  • Cheap Monday acid wash jeans w/ purple threading & accents (found in Spain)
  • white sneaker/dress shoes from Zara (found in Mexico)

Now time for my favorite part, going out & showing it off. Later.

Spotted --> Orlando Bloom in U-Square


On U-Square West walking downtown I spotted Orlando Bloom* looking hot as ever.  He was sporting a low-key blue jeans, dark jacket, oversized solid color scarf look.  He's got the goatee working pirate style and dark curly black stylishly-messy hair.

At first I was just like "whoa, hot dude!' and then was like "WHOA! Orlando Bloom!".  Ladies & lady-gents let me tell you he is way hotter in person. Yum!

orlando bloom
*allegedly gettin' his mack-on w/ broadway star Brian Marchetti...just sayin'

April 09, 2009

Gay Marriage according to a 12 year old



A few people have been circulating the video below where this 12 yo kid tells us why he thinks gay marriage is wrong.  His reasoning is obviously shallow and heavily biased by his environment.  It's clear that he doesn't truly understand why he thinks the way he does.  In fact, he seems to be quite conflicted.



"I used to be gay, but then I decided it's wrong and I stopped it.  And now I'm very interested in girls."


His video is harmless at best, but what I want to draw your attention to is the following two videos where this poor kid has to deal with all the fallout from the first.

I wonder if his parents have any clue that he is doing this.  Poor kid is getting a crash course in being a ridiculed internet meme, kinda like Star Wars kid.  I remember I once saw that kid on the Today Show talking about how some kids at his school leaked the video.  Apparently he was not at all happy to be the butt of everyone's joke.  I say suck it up and get over it.

Fame is hard people, trust me I know ;)

Still kinda sad/pathetic about the gay marriage kid tho.

PS: Can we just talk about how this kid is subscribed to Chris Crocker's channel on YouTube?  Guess he didn't fully stop the gay thing...

April 08, 2009

I want to be a model when I grow up

These are my first professional photos.  Hopefully this is just the beginning :)

the models & me hot just me just me profile Jerry & I
Thank you Lisa & Jodi :)






I'm very excited.  Que opinan uds.? (What do y'all think?)

April 02, 2009

Today's Loved Music


RWK <3 HypeM

Do y'all know hype machine? Well if you like the kind of music I post here then you'll love hype machine.

Here are the tracks I was lovin' on today*:

  • Young Folks (Featuring Victoria Bergsman) [Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation] - Peter Bjorn & John
  • Electric Feel (Justice Remix) - MGMT
  • Fun Punch (Calling In Sick remix) - Bag Raiders
  • Take On Me (The Twelves reMix) - A-Ha
  • Antonio (Designer Drugs Remix) - Annie

All the tracks I have ever loved, ever*, can be found on my profile.


*today meaning April 2nd, duh
*meaning tracks I've found on hypem since I became a member

Famous NYU: Nic Cage & Jay Baruchel in Wash Sq Park

The picture may be a bit blurry but I assure you that pictured are actually Jay Baruchel & Nicolas Cage spotted on Wash Square East just outside of the Silver Center.

If only my cameraphone was a little nicer or had zoom or something...o well, I guess no one really wants to see Nic Cage all that close up anyway. Best enjoyed at a safe distance.

The movie is apparently about a NYU student (Baruchel) so expect to see them around campus a lot, especially now that the weather is nice :)