June 25, 2008


I just wanted to write a little shout-out to TorrentFreak.com.  It's a great blog all about file-sharing.  It highlights everything from the top 10 tv show torrents, to new P2P software, to news articles about fair-use and the positive impact of file-sharing in today's market.  See this article about Joss Stone, who by the way I have a new found respect for.

Basically I'm an avid downloader.  My weapons of choice are uTorrent (and somtimes Azureus) for bittorrent and FrostWire for old-fashioned napster-like downloading.  I believe firmly in piracy and its benefits on the market as a whole.  When I love something I pay for it, when I like somthing I pirate it.  In my opinion most of the stuff that is being released nowadays is crap, but I am still influenced by the major marketing machines and compelled to want to listen to the most recent Rihanna single, or Steve Carrell film.  So to redeem myself from the crap and show my defiance at the same time, I pirate.  If you're not going to take the time to make something of quality for me to buy and just try and feed me some canned, unoriginal, uncreative song then I'm not going to be handing over my hard-earned dollars.  My rule of thumb: if I'm not willing to pay for the concert ticket then I won't pay for the album, simple as that.  Oh and as for movies, I basically am only going to watch it once and I'll probably want to do that on my ipod, so don't be so shocked that I'm not willing to shell-out $25 for the copy-protected DVD I'll never use...especially since I know you're just going to change the whole format on me again in 5 years so I have to re-buy all my movies, a new player and probably a new super-HDTV to boot.

Bottom-line, if I felt any value in paying for media then I would do it.  Unfortunately I don't, and that's not my fault.

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