August 08, 2008

Slow-Mo Lightning & 4-Letter Words


Seeing the world in slow motion always blows my mind.  For me it makes me realize just how layered and complex things can be.  A lightning strike which in our perceived time only lasts a millionth of a second, actually contains a lot of intricacies that are completely lost on us.  In slow-mo it looks very much like a living creature.  Day-to-day I have a tendency to overlook things that I take for granted.  Things that I've already checked off the list as "figured out" or "known."  This just goes to show that probably what I think I know, is seriously lacking.  Think about how many times we underestimate the world around us and make simple assumptions about what we think we already "know."  Huh, I just noticed, K-N-O-W is a four-letter word.

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