October 17, 2008

Music for a JetSet weekend #137: R.I.P. Edition


About to WalkStop EPStars And The SeaCivilianHey Hey My My Yo Yo
Throw Me the Statue Delorentos Boy Kill Boy Junior Senior

The JetSet List:
Junior Senior R.I.P.:
1. Itch U Can't Skratch
2. No No No's
3. Take My Time
4. Can I Get Get Get
5. Move Your Feet
Boy Kill Boy R.I.P.:
6. Civil Sin
7. On And On
8. Six Minutes
9. Suzie
10. Promises
11. Be Somebody
12. Stop - Delorentos (still alive)
13. About To Walk - Throw Me The Statue (still alive)


I recently found out that two musical groups which I love and listen to regularly have recently decided to call it quits.  The Danish duo Junior Senior and the English rock group Boy Kill Boy have both issued statements on their respective MySpace pages definitively saying goodbye to all their fans.

Jesper Jr. and Jeppe Sr. from Junior Senior stated:
"We have decided in much peace and prosperity to put Junior Senior to rest and focus 100% on making music on our own, as we have been doing for the last year, Jesper Jr. through I Scream Ice Cream -- and now The Little Sisters -- and Jeppe Sr. as Jeppe."
They say that they are still good friends and that there is no animosity between them.  They are both excited to be pursuing their solo careers.  The full statement can be read on their myspace page in the blog section.

As for Boy Kill Boy, their story is a little less happy and a little more bitter.  In a myspace bulletin entitled B.K.B.R.I.P. the lead man stated:
"Every​ time i try to [write this out] i don'​t like how it sound​s so i stop,​ go to the pub and prete​nd it's not actua​lly happe​ning.​So i just thoug​ht today​ i'd final​ly just get it out there​.​
"Basic​ally like many other​ bands​ we kinda​ got sucke​d into some sort of decis​ion made by 'the power​s that be' that guita​r bands​ are '​over'​.​ The label​ got shake​y and decid​ed to start​ chasi​ng whate​ver they'​re told is gonna​ be the next big thing​ and as a resul​t,​ we got dropp​ed,​ just a month​ after​ the [second] recor​d was relea​sed."
So it seems in the case of BKB, everything is not sunishine and rainbows.  The group seems really broken up about it and is finding it hard to accept the idea that it's all over.  The full statement can be read here.
I wish all the members of BKB the best of luck.  I will miss them.  And as for Jesper and Jeppe of Junior Senior, I am really excited to be hearing both of their solo debuts.  Although I will always remember what was, and never will be again, Junior Senior.

This week's JetSet List is in honor of these two groups and includes a sampling of their best songs.  I also included two bonus rock tracks from
Throw Me the Statue and Delorentos.  I found them both on a mix from 2008's SXSW music festival.  The download link for everything is just below the setlist.  And of course, if you enjoy the music please support these bands...although that might be harder now considering they don't exist anymore :(

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