May 15, 2009

If Today is Your Birthday [May 15th]


Today is my 21st birthday and this is my Horoscope Forecast for 2009-2010:
Born May 15
Romantic and creative passions are big themes in the year ahead. Exploring your feelings, and a spirited approach to relating, figure strongly. You are likely feeling restless and have a tendency to misplace your faith in projects (and possibly people!) that require more attention to facts. Keeping concern for the future in mind and realistic expectations in most areas of your life should keep you on solid footing. more...
My family has officially declared the rest of May a Jubela holiday.  We will not stop celebrating till the END OF THE MONTH.  Everyone is invited to join in the celebrations with The Family for the rest of MAY.  We're goin' COAST to COAST, baby.

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  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Yo iria, jejeje, felicidades one more time!!
    Pasadlo muy bien!! :D