October 29, 2006

I was at Coles, and when I'm there I read

From Friendship With God by Neale Donald Walsch:

"Again I say: put an End to Better.

For this is the New Gospel: There is no master race. There is no greatest nation. There is no one true religion. There is no inherently perfect philosophy. There is no always right
political party, morally supreme economic system, or one and only way to

Erase these ideas from you memory. Eliminate them from you experience.
Eradicate them from your culture. For these are thoughts of division and
separation, and you have killed each other over these thoughts. Only
the truth I give you here will save you: WE ARE ALL ONE.

Carry this message far and wide, across oceans and over continents, around
the corner and around the world." p359

"That old message of right and wrong, crime and punishment, good and evil,
everlasting rewarding and everlasting damnation, has done nothing to end the
suffering on your planet, to end the torture that you are inflicting upon
yourselves. And that is because it is a message of separation.

There is only one message that can change the course of human history
forever, end the torture, and bring you back to God. That message is The
New Gospel: WE ARE ALL ONE." p373

"Yet I have told you, this is God. This is what you mean, what
you have always meant, by the word God. God is first cause. Unmoved Mover. That
Which Was before That Which Is, was. That Which Will Be after That Which Now Is,
is no longer. The Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the End." p378

"Remember this, always: The soul is that which beholds
beauty even when the mind denies it.
" p385

The movie Conversations With God is now playing in limited release around the country. I saw it last night with my parents and my good friend's parents. I asked Lee how she would describe the movie and she said, "Enlightening." I would love to take a bunch of you lovely people to see it with me, or at least I recommend that you see it for yourself. You can look it up at www.Moviefone.com.
But if you're interested in joining me leave a note, send a message, or give me a call.
And remember always to keep an open mind.


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