October 16, 2006

What I Read Today When Working Out at Coles

From Friendship With God by Neale Donald Walsch

"To be totally accepting means not to quarrel with what is showing up right now. It means not to reject it, or throw it back, or walk away from it, but to embrace it, hold it, love it as if it were your own. Because it is your own. It is your own creation, with which you are well pleased -- unless you are not.

If you are not, you will resist owning what you have created, and what you resist persists. Therefore rejoice, and be glad, and should the present circumstance or condition be one which you now choose to change, simply choose to experience it in another way. The outward appearance, the outward manifestation, may not be altered at all, but your inner experience of if can and will be changed forever, simply out of your decision about it.

Remember, this is what you are after. You are not concerned with outer appearances, only with your inner experience. Let the outer world be what it is. Create your inner world as you would have it be. This is what is meant by being in your world, but not of it. This is mastery in living." p320-1

"...the most powerful prayer I ever heard. Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.

The next time you are confronted with a condition or circumstance you judge to be problematical, express your immediate gratitude not only for the solution, but for the problem itself. By so doing, you instantly change your perspective on it, and your attitude about it.

Next, bless it...Give it your best energies and your highest thought.  In this, you make it your friend, and not your enemy; that which supports you, rather that that which opposes you.

Then, accept it, and resist no evil. For what you resist, persists. Only what you accept can you change.

Now, envelop it with love. Whatever you are experiencing, you can literally love any undesired experience away. In a sense, you can 'love it to death.'

Finally, be joyful, for the exact and perfect outcome is at hand. Nothing can take your joy away from you, for joy is Who You Are, and who you will always be. So, in the face of every problem, do a joyful thing." p327

The Five Attitudes of God (and Us):

Grateful, Blessing, Accepting, Loving, Joyful.

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