January 27, 2009

Famous Faces & New York Places

Spotted on E 8th St in NYC, Paul Giamatti walked past as I was seated at the window eating dumplings. Poor guy wasn't looking too hot - unshaven, a bit overweight, and mumbling to himself. We made eye contact. I broke away first only to discover that he was still staring at me. Trust me it wasn't a pleasant stare.

Am I making it up or have there been reports recently saying he wasn't doing so well in the current economic downturn? Maybe I'm thinking of Jeremy Piven. For some reason I mix those two up a lot. Wish I could've got a photo but I wasn't expecting it plus, I mean, he was staring right at me. I may have no shame but I'm not about to stoop to paparazzi level.

Jetset wishes you all the best Paul.

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