March 02, 2009

Rich White Kids: Indiscriminate Blogging


Well guys it may be a day late but I finally got the new format up and running. (Thanks for keeping me honest, Renee & Brett!) 

Give a warm welcome to Rich White Kids or RWK (ar-du-kay) an indiscriminate blog about everything this blog has always been about...and more.  Other than the look and name not too much else is changing around here.  The URL is still the same ( and so is the writer (me).  Essentially this relaunch is all about my new mindset, not as a jetsetter, but as a twenty-something New Yorker living on his/her own.  I will continue to post up here all the random stuff I find interesting from the real world and around the web.  Ideally I am going to try and put more focus on music, sharing the obscure mp3s & bands that I come across.  One of my goals is to start putting up weekly playlists of great dance jams to use for your own parties on the weekends, so keep an eye out for DJ RWK who'll be showing up more often.

And once I get all recovered from my fantastic hangover I have some great stories from the relaunch party and more of the past weekend to tell. Stay tuned.

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