July 01, 2009


Recently I had the good fortune to get a special look at a completely original song by two new & young artists.  I've posted it here, along with their original artwork, for your listening pleasure.

The track's overall style, along with the singer's voice, reminds me of a favorite band of mine Uh Huh Her.  Take a listen to their track below, "Away from here", and tell me if I'm crazy.


As for the first track, "Waiting" by Kate & Calder, I am impressed by its overall production quality and find its sound appealing.  The only thing that disturbs me is the artwork.  Though I hesitate to pass judgment on any kind of art, I don't feel like it lives up to the quality of the music.  Though that's just one opinion.

For more info on Kate & Calder check out their blog.

To check out Uh Huh Her's entire album, head over to MySpace.

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