July 20, 2008

My Knight in Matte Black Armor

I meant to write this mini-review of The Dark Knight the morning after the midnight premiere but then I got busy and have been running around with my friend all weekend.  It's hard to focus on writing when it's PRIDE!  And now I'm watching blue collar comedy and can't focus. o well.

There's not much else I have to say about The Dark Knight.  There are already about a million trillion blogs, mags, and newspapers singing its praises.  Believe the hype.  It was the best midnigdarkknightimaxht premiere of my life and COMPLETELY worth the $10 and 3 hours of waiting.  I already plan on seeing it again in IMAX because as I'm sure you've already heard, 20 minutes of the original footage was shot in IMAX quality, meaning IMAX WILL BE ILLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!  Plus I totally need to see this movie again to better absorb all of its amazing storytelling and beauty.  Christopher Nolan is a master and has completely outdone himself, along with every other superhero/comic book movie ever made, ever. period.

I'z don't need no knight in shining armor, allz I need is Batman.

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