July 13, 2008

Untitled Podcast #1

Here you've got the first podcast of what I expect will be many. I'm experimenting with this concept of podcasting while driving. Being a Southern Californian and all I spend a lot of time driving around in my car, and on these long straight highways I have a tendency to do lots of thinking. So now I'm going to capture all those wild and random thoughts and post them here. I've wanted to do a podcast type thing for awhile now but have been too lazy to actually do it. But now I have found what I think is the perfect formula for producing a podcast. It's so easy and low budget that even I won't get bored of doing it (at least not right away). Without further ado, here it is -

Untitled Podcast #1[wma]

For anyone who might actually listen to this, I'd love to hear feedback and whatnot. I also really need ideas for a title for this thing. Somehow "Untitled Podcast" just doesn't have that oomph I'm looking for ;)

Oh, and for anyone who just isn't in to podcasts. Here's a cool french track for you -

Dis Moi by BB Brunes[mp3]

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