July 31, 2008

Paramore Tomorrow!!! [pics & music)

Tomorrow Nuria and I are hitting up the Paramore concert @ Qualcomm. To be honest, just over a month ago I didn't have a clue who this band was. Then Nuria told me she wanted to see their show here in SD. I worked my magic and got us 4 tix to the Aug 1st show. And now for the last week I've been pretty much listening to their stuff non-stop to prepare myself for the big event. We're getting ourselves all psyched up around here for the show - planning our outfits, memorizing lyrics, and such. I've finally finished painting my shirt and am ready to wear it with pride :) see pics below along with a couple songs from Paramore's two albums "All We Know is Falling" and "Riot!"
Super Trouper Front (by degreeszero)Super Trouper Back (by degreeszero)
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Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

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