December 03, 2008


jetset-j-dot-snowflakes (by degreeszero)

It's been awhile since I've written about prop 8 or gayness or lgbt or anything else remotely related, but now I've finally found something worth posting and sharing!  It's called Prop 8: The Musical!  Featuring a laundry list of hollywood and broadway stars, including but not limited too: Allison Janney, John C. O'reilly, Jack Black, Megan Cho, Andy Richter, Neil Patrick Harris (yum), and many more.  This officially goes under the makes me smile category :)

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

[[thanks to tsanderson]]

UPDATE: Just came upon this vid in my fbook newsfeed.  Princeton students using the precedent set by prop 8 to enforce the will of the majority (upperclassmen) upon a minority (freshmen). great stuff p-ston students, I applaud y'all.

[[thanks to bcloyd]]

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