December 02, 2008

Something to smile about

jetset-j-dot-snowflakes (by degreeszero)
I just discovered and am in love.  It's kind of like PostSecret but a billion times better, and you don't have to wait till Sunday for new ones.
Ouch – I was bleeding and in pain, but I had to laugh when the ER nurse asked the guy in the next room, "You swallowed HOW MANY toothbrushes?"
ferdinandthebullWhen I was 5 or so my mom would tell me to lie down before she tied my tie and I just now realized at the age of 19 that she did this because she's a funeral director.
AlexandraAs you were breaking up with me, all I could think about were those mornings when you compared the Pop-Tarts and gave me the one with more frosting.
AngelThe worst thing about secret girlfriends is that when they get hit by cars you're not supposed to cry.
you know who i am – My mother called me to do a chore and i responded, "What you need, Woman," to which my father chided, "Your mother is NOT a woman!"
Heather RoseAs I woke up from my nap to find written on my feet "This is my momma and you can't have her," I realized that my child is very, very strange.


PS: Forgot to mention that this is my 100th post. Yay! What a milestone...I guess.

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