February 20, 2009

"Hey J, why TBNYU?"

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Some of my friends may be wondering right now why I suddenly am supporting the events that have been going on at the Kimmel center.  Many of you probably remember that just 24 hours ago I too was bashing the protest and belittling their cause.  However I was just as captivated as all by what was going on, glued to NYU Local's liveblog.  As students we read and hear about the student activism of 1968 and think to ourselves, "Thank God it's not like that today".  The fact is that it isn't like that today BECAUSE of the efforts of students all around the world.  We benefit from their actions, much like young gay and lesbian men and women today benefit from the stonewall riots and activism of the 60's and 70's, or black-americans benefit from the work of MLK Jr. and the civil rights movement.

We take what we have for granted, it's true.  But the real danger is letting ourselves be fooled that there isn't anything left to fight about.  The events of the last two days are proof that there is plenty to fight for, that our work is not done.  For me the Kimmel occupation represents so much more than TBNYU! and their demands.  It is a call to students and youth everywhere around the world to wake up and demand respect from their educators.  We must realize that we cannot put the responsibility of the formation of the next great generation into the hands of others.  We must take responsibility for ourselves, form our own opinions, and take hold of our future.  That is what this is about.  It is about moving beyond apathy to the level of courage.  We must all have the courage to demand that which is unquestionably ours!

We must have the courage to take back our lives and our futures!


Check out: Just Plain Lies @ TBNYU!

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