February 11, 2009

Famous Faces & New York Places: Lili Taylor


14LiliTaylor2Spotted just before lunchtime today, Lili Taylor in the Dean & Deluca on  Universtiy Ave, NYC.  Yours truly...me...has adopted this D&D as his preferred morning coffee joint due to its reasonable coffee prices and the fact that it has yet to piss me off.  Sorry Oren's, you guys have messed up my order and just all-around irritated me one too many times.  Plus you raised your prices, that's a big no-no in my book.

I digress.  I spotted Ms. Taylor coming in as I was leaving after a short study sesh.  I'm convinced no one else in the joint had a clue who she was, and likely anyone else reading this must be wondering themselves, it might be useful to head over to IMDB and check her out.  Frankly, I only recognized her face and knew she was in the movie Mystic Pizza.  I had to google her to figure out her name.  Alas, this is all too often my problem, that's why I never approach these actors I run across, I have no idea who they are!  Anyways Ms. Taylor, you were looking good, if not lacking a bit of make-up, yet I hope that life is treating you well.  At least you looked better than my last sighting, Paul Giamatti because he just looked rank.

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