April 17, 2009

Another Look: A Tale about a Stroll


The Bowery & Me:


MODEL: Jordan Jubela

  • Kangol "undulating herringbone deeto" hat (Liverpool in MX)
  • Ray-Ban reflective lens sunglasses (SD)
  • Surf Ride store-brand deep-v T w/ sunglasses print (Surf Ride in SD)
  • Idol Radec navy crop pant (Inven.tory in NYC)
  • Hand-made leather messenger bag (Cervantino festival in MX)
  • Vintage brown saddle shoes (Inven.tory in NYC)

I didn't have much to do today and given the amazing weather I decided to take a stroll with my camera in hand.  I started in Washington Square and wandered down the Bowery - stopped a bit to read & have a cappuccino - then continued on to Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribeca, S. Broadways, W. Broadway, and all the way up 7th ave to home.  It was a most marvelous day.

All the photos in the collage are mine and were taken today during my stroll.  Larger versions of each one are on my flickr.

What did you do today? [email protected]

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