April 24, 2009

Flora by Gucci - I Feel Love


Check out this amazing new commercial for the Gucci fragrance "Flora".

It's directed by Chris Cunningham and the song is Chris' own reworking of the Donna Summers classic "I Feel Love".  For more info about the ad check out Dazed Digital's writeup.

I'm currently on a hunt for an mp3 of Chris' amazing re-imagination of the 70s disco classic.  When I find it I will be sure to pass it along to y'all.  In the meantime here is the original version for those of you who do not know it's amazingness:

"I Feel Love" by Donna Summers

Also check out these remixes on HypeM:


  1. have you found it yet¿

  2. not yet. Chris probably won't release it until the ad campaign is over :(