April 09, 2009

Gay Marriage according to a 12 year old



A few people have been circulating the video below where this 12 yo kid tells us why he thinks gay marriage is wrong.  His reasoning is obviously shallow and heavily biased by his environment.  It's clear that he doesn't truly understand why he thinks the way he does.  In fact, he seems to be quite conflicted.



"I used to be gay, but then I decided it's wrong and I stopped it.  And now I'm very interested in girls."


His video is harmless at best, but what I want to draw your attention to is the following two videos where this poor kid has to deal with all the fallout from the first.

I wonder if his parents have any clue that he is doing this.  Poor kid is getting a crash course in being a ridiculed internet meme, kinda like Star Wars kid.  I remember I once saw that kid on the Today Show talking about how some kids at his school leaked the video.  Apparently he was not at all happy to be the butt of everyone's joke.  I say suck it up and get over it.

Fame is hard people, trust me I know ;)

Still kinda sad/pathetic about the gay marriage kid tho.

PS: Can we just talk about how this kid is subscribed to Chris Crocker's channel on YouTube?  Guess he didn't fully stop the gay thing...

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