November 25, 2008

Aren't the snowflakes pretty?

jetset-j-dot-snowflakes (by degreeszero)

Been doing some updating lately on the ole' blog here.  I'm constantly tinkering, adding, removing, and rearranging things to satisfy my small OCD perfectionist tendencies.  The new snowflakes look is part of my attempt to bring some winter joy to the blog.  Yah I know that the snowflakes have a tendency to make it hard to read text at times, but I'm just happy I figured out how to put them on.  I'm no web designer.  I just google and find smarter people than me who've already figured out how to do all this junk. 

Anyways yeah, I like the new winter look, makes me feel festive :).   Also there is a fun new feature on the posts here.  At the bottom of each one readers can leave their impressions in the form of Yay (thumbs up), Meh (whatevs), or Nay (thumbs down).  Although a handful of people visit this little site of mine on a daily basis no one ever seems compelled to leave a comment.  Which is totally fine, I barely ever comment on things I read.  I don't even comment on my friends profiles on facebook.  But I'm thinking maybe the new quick responses might find themselves in wider use.  Time will tell.  Check 'em out down below, and while you're at it why not use 'em?

down_arrow_inv BONUS: JetSet's real world persona, jjubela, was recently quoted saying something ridiculous :) "I'm a __________!"

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