November 18, 2008

I am Californian. I am for Equal Rights


Prop. 8 opponents rally across California to protest gay-marriage ban - Los Angeles Times

Gay-rights marchers gather by the thousands in Los Angeles and San Francisco, battling heat, expressing solidarity and debating proponents of the measure.

The rallies brought out a diverse crowd that included straight as well as gay families.  Pam Chan and her husband brought their two children -- Kalea, 6, and Koa, 2 -- to the demonstration in San Francisco.  "We want our kids to learn they can grow up in a place where everyone is equal," said Chan, 34. "Marriage is for everyone."

From the article:

Signs of protest
Many of the anti-Proposition 8 signs mixed humor with anger, often targeting Mormons who supported the measure.

"If heaven discriminates, I don't want to go."
"The same Bible was used to justify slavery."
"Hmm. . . . What's so traditional about polygamy?"
"Where's My Gay Tax Break?"
"Joseph Smith had 33 wives. Gays only want one."
"I was born gay. You were taught religion."
"My brother is getting married . . . again. Why can't I get married once?"
"Straight but not narrow."
"Only my wife should care if I marry a man."

When told of the signs, Schubert [representative of Yes on 8] said, "It's unfortunate that the 'No on 8' campaign has devolved into personal attacks and statements of religious bigotry. If they think this is going to help their cause long term, they might want to consider a new strategy."

An Unusual Bride
During the course of a turbulent decade for gay marriage, the couple, Emily Drennen and her wife, Lindasusan Ulrich, have been married three times. "To each other," Ulrich quickly clarified.

They wed in 2003, before gay marriage was legal. A year later, when San Francisco began marrying gay couples, they married again, only to see the courts annul their union.

Last month, Ulrich, 39, and Drennen, 35, went through another ceremony in the wake of the state Supreme Court's landmark ruling that legalized gay marriage. "And we want to stay married," said Drennen.


If you are interested in getting involved and joining a rally then hop on over to

Upcoming Event: "No Gays for a Day", Dec. 10, 2008


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