November 19, 2008

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So my iPod Touch broke a couple weeks ago.  And when I say broke, I mean that everything works perfectly fine EXCEPT for the fact that I get crappy sound quality from the headphone jack unless I constantly jiggle the little audio connector around.  So now listening to music on my Touch is a big ole' pain in the tukus [sic] (aka I have no idea how to spell tukus).  Luckily I brought my 1st gen nano with me to the Mex as well, so I haven't been without.  It just all seems such a waste cuz my Touch works fine, except for the stupid headphone jack.  I wonder what Apple would charge me to fix it.  I guess I'll have to run over to the Genius bar once I'm back in the states.

Anyways in light of the brokenness of my Touch I am now doing some soul-searching about what I should buy to replace it.  Another Touch? the new nano? a Zune? other off-brand mp3 player?  I can't decide.  I've decided to watch the apple and zune ads to see which one appeals to me more.

Zune --

iPod --

As y'all can see.  I'm conflicted.  I like them both, and I also like the idea of going off-mainstream with the new touch mp3/vid player from Cowon.  I don't know what to do, just wish my Touch hadn't broken in the first place.

PS. Is it bad that I take pride in the vintageness of my 1st gen nano? Is it bad that I own more than one ipod?


[[zune ad via HRO]]

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