November 08, 2008

I am so proud to be part of this movement

I have a couple more updates about the aftermath of prop 8.  After making international headlines all over the world, next to the even bigger OBAMA, our cause in securing equal rights for all is getting even more attention.  The rallies and demonstrations across the U.S. let everyone know that we are not done yet.  One election does not make the world.  As originally said by Martin Luther King Jr., "The road to freedom is a difficult, hard road. It always makes for temporary setbacks."

I am so proud to be a part of what is happening right now, and I want to bring attention to the most recent email I've received from the No on 8 people.  It is a beautifully written letter that stresses the importance of unity, hope, and determination in our journey to equality.

Dear Jordan,

This has been an incredibly difficult week for Californians who are disappointed in the passage of Proposition 8, which takes away the right to marry for same-sex couples in our state. We feel a profound sense of disappointment in this defeat, but know that in order to move forward we must continue to stand together as one community in order to secure full equality in California.

In working to defeat Prop 8, a profound coalition banded together to fight for equality. Faith leaders, labor, teachers, civil rights leaders and communities of color, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, public officials, local school boards and city councils, parents, corporate law firms and bar associations, businesses, and people from all walks of life joined together to stand up against discrimination. We must build on this coalition in order to achieve equal rights for all Californians.

We achieve nothing if we isolate the people who did not stand with us in this fight. We only further divide our state if we attempt to blame people of faith, African American voters, rural communities and others for this loss. We know people of all faiths, races and backgrounds stand with us in our fight to end discrimination, and will continue to do so. Now more than ever it is critical that we work together and respect our differences that make us a diverse and unique society. Only with that understanding will we achieve justice and equality for all.

Dr. Delores A. Jacobs, CEO, Center Advocacy Project
Lorri L. Jean, CEO, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center
Kate Kendell, Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights
Geoff Kors, Executive Director, Equality California


My friend posted a bulletin on my MySpace yesterday about a rally they were holding in Rochester, NY in response to the passage of prop 8.  It's so wonderful seeing people come together to fight for this great cause.

There​'​s a rally​ TONIG​HT at 6pm
Near the Liber​ty Pole in the city.​

It doesn​'​t matte​r if you'​re strai​ght,​ bi or gay
Come fight​ for right​s well fucki​ng deser​ved.​

I refus​e to hate.​
In fact,​ I love and suppo​rt.​
Do you?
Come show your face.​

All that has happened in the last few days gives me confidence that we will win out in the end.  We will win because we have to.

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