November 11, 2008

New Musik (& a little prop 8 too)

So guess what?! I have some more prop 8 news to share :)  Keith Olbermann recently popped up in my fbook news feed.  It appears that he had some words for us about the recent passing of the discriminatory proposition 8 in California (in case you didn't know, it bans all gay marriage within the state).  I think that he makes a nice argument but granted I'm a little biased.  I wonder what it would sound like to a h8er?

But before Olbermann check out the music video for Frankmusik's new song "3 Little Words".  I recently discovered this artist while blog surfing.  His blatant pop, dance rhythms and references to Big make me smile :)

I think it's safe to say that I have a little crush on Mr. Musik.  I loves me them Brits.

And now for Mr. Olbermann:

This also makes me smile :)
To join a rally and protest prop 8 check out

paz y bienestar para todos.

[[music via Hard Candy]]
[[olbermann via scorbett]]

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